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End of Year Tasks for Site Admins

End of Year Tasks

Perform these steps as soon as possible after your school year ends. The end of year process cannot be performed until all schools have the following steps completed.


    1. Store Grades for the Final Term. Start Page > System Administrator > Permanently Store Grades Instructions for Storing Grades. Click Here for Instructions for Permanently Storing Grades. If your school uses an Honor Roll calculation that happens only once per year, you will need to store grades for Y1 after you store grades for Q4.  Don't forget to run your Honor Roll calculation. (Start Page>System>Calculate Honor Roll).
    2. Choice Schools Only. Make sure that all of your Choice students have the following fields filled in: Reason for Exit, High School Credential Type, Completed School Term. Reason for Exit should be TC for every Choice student unless they are graduating from high school, in which case it should be HSC, or if they are under 6 years of age, in which case it should be BCA. High School Credential Type needs to be filled out only if they are graduating from high school. Completed School Term is yes for every Choice student who finished the year and no if they left before the school year ends. 
    3. Print Your Report Cards. Print and file report cards for the current year.
    4. Archive Your Report Cards/Transcripts. Save the pdf file with all student report cards in case you need them later.
    5. Set up your years and terms for the Next School Year.
         Start Page > School  > Years & Terms
        1. This step is unforgiving so be careful. To add the semesters and/or quarters after you have entered your year, click Edit Terms and then click on the New button to create new terms for each quarter.
        2. Do this in order. First do the full year, then semesters (if you need them - classes that are taught one term but not another means you need them) and last do the quarters. No overlaps between dates.
        3. Import file number is not an issue for most users. Leave it blank. In the unlikely event that you are importing a schedule, a value may be entered later.
        4. The first day needs to be the first day school is in session. Students will appear in the gradebook two weeks before school actually begins. You may wish to pad a few days (about a week) on the end of your year in case of snow days or other cancellations.
        5. A typical elementary school will look like this:

          elem yr trm

        6. A typical high school will look like this:hs yr trm
        7. Do not set up your calendar now. That process needs to be done after you copy your schedule during the set up the new year process.
    1. Run ADA/ADM Attendance Reports. Getting the attendance data back from previous years is a difficult and time-consuming process. Run these reports to get the attendance data and copy it to an Excel file if you need this for state or other reasons. The other report that we suggest you run is the Start Page > System Reports > Engine > Student Attendance List. This will generate a list of all the attendance codes for all of the students for the entire year.
    2. Run the EOY Report. Start Page > System Reports > Engine. Click EOY Report. Select Current School Only from the appropriate over-ride drop box. In the report problems will be highlighted in yellow. Highlighted graduating students with next grade 99 and next school to 999999 are OK.
          1. Do not transfer out students who will be attending WELS high schools on PowerSchool.  See step 9 for list of participating high schools and instructions.  If 8th grade students are attending schools not listed in step 9.a below, transfer them out of school.
          2. Set the Next School Indicator The End of Year process uses the Next School Indicator to determine which school each student will attend in the upcoming school year.
            1. Set each student's Next School Indicator. The value for students not graduating is the same as your school number. For graduating students moving to another school on our PowerSchool server, the number is the number of that high school (California LHS=1521, Evergreen LHS=25269, Huron Valley LHS=1524, Illinois LHS=1539, Lakeside LHS=25273, Luther Preparatory School = 5422,Manitowoc LHS =1528, Michigan LHS=1529,  Nebraska LHS=1531, Northland LHS=25279, Rocky Mountain LHS=5581, Winnebago LA = 1536.)  Students in 8th grade who are graduating from your school but not moving on to one of the listed WELS high schools should have been transferred out of school in step 7.
            2. This can be done individually on the Scheduling Setup student screen, or in groups by updating the Next_School field using the Student Field Value group function. If your drop box for Next School on the Secheduling Setup screen is blank, please create a support ticket. Include in the ticket which schools from the list above you'd like included for your school and we'll add them.
              1. Select the group of students you wish to change.
              2. Select Student Field Value from the drop box.
              3. Type in the field you wish to change. (Next_School or Sched_NextYearGrade)
              4. Type in the new value.
          3. Next Year Grade The End of Year process uses the Next Year Grade value to determine which grade level a student will be enrolled in for the upcoming school year. Set each student's Next Year Grade before running the End of Year process. This can be done individually on the Scheduling Setup student screen, or in groups by updating the Sched_NextYearGrade field using the Student Field Value group function, or DDA. Graduating students should have the value set to 99. Students in 8th grade graduating to one of the WELS high schools on the server (see step 8.a above) should have next grade set to 9.
    3. Clear Activities All student activities are automatically carried over during the End of Year process. Clear any student activities that shouldn't carry over into the next school year. This task can be accomplished for groups of students using the Clear Activities function located at Start Page > System Administrator > Clear Activities.
    4. Commit Next Year's Schedule.  If using PowerScheduler, commit the schedule to the live side. If you are not using PowerScheduler, you may omit this step.
    5. Meal Transactions  When running the End of Year process, PowerSchool rolls over the student's current balance as the beginning balance and clears all meal transactions. In some cases the lunch staff may need to refer to historical lunch data. By exporting the meal transactions from the GLDetail table this will allow the lunch staff to review this information without having to load a PowerSchool backup on a test server.
    6. Run the EOY Report Again . Start Page > Reports > Reporting Engine. Click EOY Report. Select Current School Only from the appropriate over-ride drop box. Check to see if the grade levels are correct for next year students. In the report problems will be highlighted in yellow.


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