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Change Course Names Displayed In Gradebook

Change the Course Names Displayed in the Gradebook

Many teachers have multiple sections of the same course and want to be able to tell the difference between their various class sections of the same course when viewing the list of courses in the PowerSchool gradebook.

  1. Open the Gradebook Preferences.  (Mac Computer - Gradebook menu at the top of the screen, Windows Computer - Tools menu at the top of the screen)
  2. Once the Preferences is open, click the section tab and then click the radio button for Custom Display Name. Click OK. (See the picture below with the red arrows.

    grbook prefs
  3. Click the Class Content icon near the top your gradebook screen.  Type a name that is meaningful for you in the Custom Display Name box. Click Save. (See the picture below with the red arrows).
    grbook class content
  4. Repeat step three for all of the classes needing custom names displayed. Your left menu will now show the custom name rather than just the course name.


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