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Final Exam Setup

  1. Open your Grade book to the class with which you wish to work and select the Grade Setup Tab as shown below. Notice the different marking terms that appear: semesters (S1,S2), quarters (Q1 etc) and semester exams (E1,E2).
  2. Click the Semester you wish to define.  Green arrow above for Semester I. Obviously, choose S2 if working with Semester II. Click the Term weights radio button in the bottom half of the window.
  3. Define the percentages as shown in the bottom window.  Enter your values in the column with the red arrow.  It may not be easy to notice when you can type values in there - you can. The example shows 42.5% for each of the first two quarters and 15% for the exam.
  4. If, for example, you wanted 10% weighting for the exam, E1=10, Q1=45 and Q2=45.  The whole numbers will enter in the weight just fine.  Click the save button when you are finished.
  5. Repeat the process to set up semester grade weighting for all of your classes.
  6. Note the dates indicated by the blue arrow for E1.  When you enter the exam as an assignment in your grade book, it MUST have a date in the range for E1. In the example above, the date for the exam must be 12/30/2007 or 12/31/2007.  That score must be in the date range for E1 and outside the date range for Q2. Likewise any assignments for Q2 must be in the date range for Q2.
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