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Using PowerTeacher

Lauch PowerTeacher by entering ps.wels.net/teachers in your browser address bar and enter your user name and password.

Clicking the PowerTeacher logo in the upper left corner will always return you to the start page.

chair Attendance

  1. To take attendance click on the chair icon for the appropriate class. The chair is dimmed on days the class does not meet. Most elementary school teachers only need to take attendance once per day using the Homeroom class. If your school records attendance every period, you will take attendance for every class.
  2. If the chair is dimmed, school is not set up as in session or class does not meet that day.
  3. Select the attendance code from the drop menu and click on the box next to the students name for the appropriate attendace code for the student. If a code is already enter for the student in the school office, teachers cannot change attendance. You may, however, change a code you enter during the school day if it is necessary.

silver Lunch Count

  1. This is used only if your school uses PowerSchool for daily lunch counts.
  2. Click the knife and fork and enter the information as directed by your site admin.

backpack Student Information

  1. Click the backpack icon for information about the students in your classes. Students will appear on the left frame of your browser.
  2. Click a student name and then you may select the information you wish to use from the drop menu that will appear in the main frame.

print Print Reports

  1. Click the printer to print reports for a class.
  2. More information for teachers about end of term and printing report cards is availble by clicking here.

seats Seating Charts

  1. Seating chart instructions are on the seating chart page. It is fairly simple to use. Just drag the picture or box, if your school does not use pictures, to the desired location.
  2. Don't forget to click the save button or all your work is in vain.

charts Charts

Click here for the charts information page.

PowerTeacher Gradebook Web Gradebook

Click here for the web gradebook information page.

PDF document icon Documentation

PowerTeacher User Guide (PDF)

Quick Reference Card (PDF)

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