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Web Gradebook

  1. Click on the Gradebook link on the left side to open an informational page on the PowerSchool Web Gradebook.
  2. To run the web grade book you must have Java installed on your computer. Under the blue launch gradebook icon is a blue click here link that will test your computer for Java. Use that link first. If your computer does not have Java, your browser will initiate the install. In order to install Java on Windows XP or Vista machines, a user with administrator rights must be logged in.
  3. In the middle of this page, there is blue graphic to launch the gradebook.
     launch grdbk
  4. Click on the shortcut blue arrow on the right to bypass the informational page and immediately launch the gradebook.
  5. When you click the icon, you will have a choice to open the gradebook or save the launcher to your disk (Windows Only). Select the one you wish to use. It may be convenient to have the launch saved to your desktop or some other location. If you save the launcher to your desktop you must close the browser, locate the launcher and click it to start the gradebook. Subsequent uses of the saved launcher will not require using the web browser but will require entering your school name, user name and password. Saving the shortcut works in Windows. On a Mac, the launcher disappears after you close the gradebook.
  6. The first time you launch, it will take a bit of time and will ask you for some inputs. Accept the defaults to run Java, run the program and trust the content. Occasionally you will asked about terminating previous accesses. This is normal especially if you use the gradebook on multiple computers.

PDF document icon Gradebook Documents

PowerTeacher Gradebook 1.6 User Guide (PDF)

Quick Reference Card (PDF)

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