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Online Registration Setup for 2017-18 School Year

The online registration tool is ready for its first trial run. Since we are in the middle of the 17-18 school year, we won't actually be registering students for this year (they are already registered) but we will be having the parents enter their data into the system. This will give our schools an opportunity to compare what the parents enter with what they have on file for the family. Once this initial data entry and check is complete, we will gear up for the 18-19 registration process. Our goal is to have that ready by March 1st.

Your parents will be receiving a notification email letting them know that they need to go to the registration portal and enter their data for their student. Your site admin should receive notifications as these are being completed.

Since this is our first trial run, I expect there to be some issues. Please record the feedback you receive from your parents so you can share that with us.

If you wish to post the link on your site, please use this:


Copy and post the URLs exactly as provided above. Clicking the URLs listed above causes a secondary URL to be generated (ex: (https://secure.infosnap.com/family/message.aspx?code=actionprivate). The secondary links will not function if posted to your website.

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