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Parent-Grades and Attendance

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This is your home page and acts as a dynamic report card. Grades are updated every time a teacher enters a new assignment in a class.

If you click the name of the teacher, you can e-mail that teacher. If you click a letter grade for a class, a Class Score Detail window will open to show the information for that class. If you click a blue attendance entry, you can see the dates for attendance events. Many schools have GPA data on the bottom of the report card table. Click here or contact your school's PowerSchool site administrator to find out more about GPA.

The Class Score Detail WIndow has three significant parts. The top usually contains information about the class. Look in here for grade weighting infomation or perhaps a course description. The middle part will contain all the assignments for the class in the term. Clicking blue assignments will show greater detail about that assignment. Clicking a blue score will show teacher comments about the score on that assignment. Note the bottom of the window to see the last time the teacher updated grades.

The Assignment Chart button on the Class Score Detail Window will open a chart showing all the assignments for the school year. The blue line is the students percentage score on each assignment. The orange line is the class average. PowerSchool only permits one of these windows to be open at a time. If you click the button and nothing happens, look in the Window menu of your browser to make sure there is not an open window hidden behind your active window.

Parent and Student Home

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