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Parent-Test Scores

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This page displays data graphs of various standardized tests students take. The initial setting will attempt to display graphs for all of the tests in the PowerSchool server. Obviously not all schools use all tests. While most WELS elementary schools use the Terra Nova tests, no elementary schools would use the ACT. That one is used for college entry.

Here are a few things for you to note about using this page.

  1. Terra Nova and Stanford Achievement tests are taken by elementary school children. Explore tests are typically taken by 8th graders and used for high school placement. PLAN tests are taken by 10th graders as a preparation for ACT. ACT and SAT are the two main college entrance exams. ACT is more common in the middle of the country while SAT is common on the coasts.
  2. A graph window with the words 'No data to display' means the student has no scores entered for that test. Contact your site administrator if you believe your child has taken this test but no data has been entered.
  3. Percentile scores are not the same as percentages. While most schools would say a percent score of 67% is not passing, a percentile score of 67 means the student is in the top 1/3 of students in the nation. When statistically compared to 99 other students, our example student did better than 67 of the students. Only 32 did better than she did.
  4. The value displayed for grade equivalent shows grade level and month. A value of 6.4 would indicate the student has scored at the level of the 4th month of 6th grade or December of 6th grade. Terra Nova tests are typically taken in the begining October - the second month of the school year. An average 5th grader at the 50th percentile (see above) would have a grade equivalent value of about 5.2. Grade equivalent needs to be understood in context. A 4th grader with a science grade equivalent of 10th grade does not mean that child is capable of 10th grade work. It means the child scored very, very well for a 4th grader.
  5. By clicking the red dot with the x in it, you can hide test score windows. To get the test back, select the test from the drop box and click the Add Test button.

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